The Shingleton Company
Technical Skills

Tools and Languages
  Expert Systems: Gensym G2
  Visual Tools: Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
    Microsoft Visual FoxPro 7
  Desktop Databases: Microsoft Access (VBA and Jet SQL)
    Microsoft FoxPro 5
  Server Databases: Microsoft SQL Server 7
    Oracle 8i (including PL/SQL)
  Classic Tools: C and C++
    Ada and Pascal
    FORTRAN-77 and -78
    Assembly Languages (80x86, 8051, Z80, DG Nova)
  Specialized Tools: ProModel (Simulation)
    National Instruments LabWindows/CVI with NI-DAQ extenstions
  Office Tools: Microsoft Office 97, 2000 and XP (Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
    Microsoft Project 97
    Visio 2002
Development and Target Platforms
  Desktop Systems: Microsoft Windows (3.1, 95, NT-4, 2000 and XP)
    Microsoft MS-DOS (5, 6 and 6.2)
    Digital Research CP/M
  Embedded Targets: Intel 80x86 microprocessor family
    Intel 8051 microcontroller family
    Zilog Z80 microprocessor
  Specialized Systems: Hewlett-Packard 64000 Development System with ICE
    Intel Development System with I2ICE
  Minicomputers: Digital Equipment Corp. VAX/VMS
    Texas Instruments TI-990 running DX10 OS
    Data General Eclipse and Nova minicomputers
  Proprietary: Totetran programming language (General Instrument Corp.)
    RMS Operating System (General Instrument Corp.)
    VRTX multi-tasking kernel (80x86) (Hunter and Ready Corp.)
    RTX-51 multi-tasking kernel (8051) (Allied-Signal Inc.)
  Components: Novell NetWare 3 and 4 (with NDS) Server and Client
    Windows NT Server and Client
    Assorted LAN routers, switches and adapters
    Ethernet and Token Ring)
  LAN/WAN Protocols: TCP/IP
  Closed Networks: HDLC/SDLC
    MDCA/ADCA (proprietary to General Instrument Corp.)
    Various serial messaging protocols using RS-232C and RS-422
  Broadband: ISDN and Switched-56 (for videoconferencing)



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