What Are Our Capabilities

Beyond our experience and dedication to quality, the key to The Shingleton Company's success is our versatility and adaptability. With a broad understanding of business applications, science, engineering, mathematical modeling and operations research, we can generate an application specific to our client's needs, whatever those needs may be. Requirements definition, design, programming, testing and configuration management — its all within our grasp.

Our fluency in multiple languages, mastery of a wide range of databases and proficiency with an extensive array of tool sets prepares us for almost any challenge. Whether starting from the ground up or adapting to the specific needs of a client's legacy system, The Shingleton Company is uniquely qualified.

  • Real Time Applications
  • Simulation and Modeling
  • Scheduling / Forecasting
  • Transaction Systems
  • Reporting Systems
  • Capability/Performance Testing

But don't simply take our word for it, take a moment to review the Technical Skills we bring to each and every project we undertake.    



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