Who Is The Shingleton Company

The Shingleton Company provides custom software development solutions and related services that completely meet the unique needs of the varied customers we serve. Regardless of the need — for independent testing of software systems, technical writing, training, networking or for our core focus of custom software application development — The Shingleton Company approaches its work with the same sense of pride in its craftsmanship. Whether a specific project is undertaken by a single developer or by a carefully assembled team of qualified associates, the goal remains the same — to completely satisfy the needs of the customer.

Working with The Shingleton Company is always personal, always professional, always a partnership and always begins with the company's founder, Bruce Shingleton. This approach assures every client that, from the very beginning, the solution will be based on decades of experience in working with or for the likes of companies such as Bendix/Allied Signal, American Bank Stationery (American Standard), General Instrument Corp., St. Onge Company, Columbia House, Harley Davidson, Land's End and LTD Commodities — to name a few. We may develop software applications, but we build relationships.

Nothing is more satisfying than meeting a unique challenge and crafting a solution that not only works, but works as simply and intuitively as possible. When the unnecessary or uneconomical compromises which often come with "off-the-shelf" answers simply will not do, we stand ready. It is, in fact, the challenge of resolving novel problems with unique solutions that drives our company.

To The Shingleton Company software development is a unique blend of art and science, a creative yet scientific synthesis. There is creativity in analyzing the need and envisioning the solution. There is science in the development. Although most end-users never see the programming code underneath, that is where our craftsmanship is most evident.

Manufacturing, Distribution, Environmental Research, Financial Investment, Embedded Systems Design, Biochemistry, Industrial Development, Business Process Analysis — each has its own set of distinct challenges. The Shingleton Company is up to it.

So the next question is, what can we do for you?    



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